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Hello hello! I've talked a bit recently about wanting to invest in higher quality, luxe pieces, rather than a bunch of tat from the nearest chain store. Obviously having a baby has rearranged my priorities a bit - most new clothing purchases are guided more by How long can I get away without using an iron? and Can I get baby vomit out of this? - but since it's holiday time and if there's ever a time for wishful thinking, it's now, here's the top designer purchases I would make if I had the budget. And please do check out the links below each picture for a range of similar items at different price points!

I don't know what to say about these jumpers except that I bloody love them. I was gutted to have missed out on Kenzo's H&M collaboration last year - I was even in Paris where there's a H&M on every corner! Unfortunately I never did get my hands on one of the jumpers in the iconic tiger head style so, what the hey, might as well lust after the real thing.

Out of everything on this list this is the one thing I seriously consider putting money away for. I love love love the loafer style of shoe and with the amount of money I've spent on "Gucci-inspired" pairs of shoes I probably could have almost afforded the real thing. I mean, you're paying for the quality and the timelessness of the design as well as the name with these bad boys and I know that the cost per wear would go down to practically nothing. Maybe I will start campaigning for these for my 30th birthday in a few years... I think it'd have to be the classic black loafer but I am also loving this star and bee embroidered pair!

While most of the other items on this list could be considered investment pieces, this piece is pure whimsy, it's so ostentatious and over the top and that's exactly why I love it. I'm loving the rainbow stripes trend, it reminds me of the colour combinations I would wear as a kid (in fact I'm pretty sure I had many rainbow-striped tops over the years) but none of them were as luxurious as this tiger-embellished version! It's so bright it borders on tacky but that's right up my alley and kind of my dream ~aesthetic~ if I'm to be totally honest.

I've never really been into sunglasses really - I either buy a pair on a whim and then end up never wearing them, or they're at-the-counter purchases at really cheap chain stores so I end up hating them, and I think I even had a couple of free pairs that came with magazines. I just never used to be excited about buying sunglasses at all! However, since I lost my only pair (which luckily were just H&M) and never bothered to replace them, I have noticed a lot of wrinkles around the old eye area that probably are partly due to so much squinting in the sunlight. Anyway all that to say that I need a pair of sunglasses and I love how over the top these ones are! Not much chance of losing these (I hope). I could see the likes of Iris Apfel rocking these.

The black cardigan is my wardrobe holy grail. Of course you can walk into any chain store and find a black cardigan but, for me, they're always too thin, too long, the buttons are wrong, they're too cropped, the neckline is wrong... I have been searching for years and I am yet to find that ubiquitous piece that can go with any outfit. This cardigan is pretty much perfect in that regard - a lovely, close-fitting shape, beautifully made, great fabric that won't be shapeless in two washes, and of course the infamous heart logo. And while we're at it I wouldn't say no to one of their striped shirts either. They're probably as far as I'd go when it comes toCDG clothing, the rest is a bit too conceptual for the likes of me (though can I just mention what absolute GARBAGE this year's Met Ball was, when the theme was Rei bloody Kawakubo?!).

It may not be quite in the ranks of Gucci and Prada but it's still "designer" enough to me to be included in the list! I know that when I eventually invest in a leather jacket, I want it to be quality. However I've never wanted one THAT badly, I suppose because my style was so vintage in previous years and I just never really had the need for a leather jacket in my wardrobe. But with my style now, which is a little more casual and, while still vintage-inspired, influenced more by glam rock and the late '60s/1970s rather than the 40's and 50's. Anyway, I first visited an All Saints store when I was in America a few years back and fell in love with the styling of the store - very very cool indeed! The brand as a whole is probably still a little too cool for the likes of me but I am absolutely head over heels for this jacket; I know it would be a wardrobe staple and something I would own forever.

I have lusted after this jumper for literally YEARS now (so I'm very glad to see it's still available! NOT that I'm any closer to purchasing it). If I could buy myself one moving-to-Paris present, it would be this, even if it is a bit too on the nose for that occasion. My favourite detail is the 'Serge' written on the arm (heart on the sleeve and all that!). I know Bella Freud jumpers are incredible quality, and they look beautiful - just look at the lovely Kate from Kate La Vie for proof!

Et voila! There's my dream winter wardrobe sorted. Lots of outerwear (v practical) and lots of Gucci (not v practical). Let me know what's on your list and if you have any more suggestions for more wallet-friendly alternatives, suggest away!

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