I bloody love getting a book as a present. I feel like Christmas is the time of year to go all out and get the impractical, gorgeous coffee table books, that no one ever buys for themselves because who can justify it, and give them to a loved one. That being said, I love getting novels as gifts as well! Even (and sometimes especially) if it's something I wouldn't pick up myself, I still love and am so appreciative of the fact that someone has taken the time to choose something for me and even if I don't necessarily love the book, at least I've read something new! 

Here's my top picks for this holiday season... I've linked them to the site where I came across the book so if you find a lower price do let me know!

FROM A B TO JAY Z by Danny Chiha & Jessica Chiha, $29.95 | I have actually ordered this for Lucie's Christmas gift, even if it cements my status as Whitest Mum Alive. I know this is a bit gimmicky and mostly for the parents' entertainment BUT I fricking love the idea and the illustrations are super cute. There's also 1 2 3 With The Notorious B.I.G if your li'l boo is more into numbers!
THE BOOK WITH NO PICTURES by B.J Novak, $9.55 (paperback) or $15.15 (hardcover) | When I was doing relief teaching a few years ago, quite a few classrooms had this in their library, and lemme tell ya kids went NUTS for this book. It was like the kid's equivalent of a Drake concert. I loved reading it, they loved hearing it, it's just an all-round winner. And made even better by the fact that it is written by the hilarious B.J Novak. 
THE APARTMENT HOUSE by Katelin Butler & Cameron Bruhn, $49.95 | There are thousands upon thousands of interior design books out there, but what I liked about this one is that it specifically focuses on Australia's move from the 'Hills Hoist ideal' to small, condensed apartment living. As someone who has always been lucky enough to live in a fairly big house, moving to Paris and into tiny apartments was a bit of a shock! So not only does this book inspire some gorgeous interiors and ideas for small living spaces, it also explores why there's been a move to smaller living spaces, which I find really interesting. A great gift for any architecture or interior design buffs. 
GOODNIGHT STORIES FOR REBEL GIRLS by Elena Favilli & Francesca Cavallo, $35 | I don't think there's anything wrong with little girls (or boys!) liking princesses and Disney and things like that, but I do think that it's important that they have some real-life, inspiring women to look up to as well. I'm so happy there's been a bit of an explosion of this kind of inspiration in the past couple of years because not only can I provide some kickass women for Lucie to look up to, I can educate myself as well! This book features _ women including Serena Williams, Amelia Earheart and Frida Kahlo, presented with fantastic illustrations and their story condensed into an easy-to-understand summary. I think this would make an amazing gifts for any little ones you might know. 
THE NEW BOHEMIANS HANDBOOK by Justina Blakenly, $20.24 | I've always fancied the bohemian aesthetic, though I can't really find the line between 'bohemian' and 'clutter'. This book has some gorgeous interior inspiration for any wannabe bohemians; come for the beautiful photographs and stay for the ideas on how to bring good energy and positive vibes into your home. 
JOLLY GOOD FOOD by Enid Blyton & Allegra McEvedy, $17.88 | One of my favourite parts of Enid Blyton's books was the wonderfully rich descriptions of food. My dad often said it was a wonder the Famous Five weren't rolling around everywhere with the amount of food they seemed to put away. I think this book would make such a wonderful gift - maybe even with some of the actual books so you can read the books and then cook the food inspired by the book? 
50 YEARS OF ROLLING STONE: THE MUSIC, PEOPLE AND POLITICS THAT SHAPED OUR CULTURE, $47.25 | It has always been my dream to work for Rolling Stone magazine (maybe I watched Almost Famous one too many times when I was younger); it's basically what inspired me to study journalism. This book would be an incredible gift for any fan of the magazine, or a fan of music or pop culture, as it contains interviews, short pieces, and photographs from the magazine's incredibly rich history. And I don't have a picture of it but I do have to recommend one of my all-time favourite books, But Enough About Me by Jancee Dunn, if you want a hilarious and insightful memoir about working for the iconic magazine. 
IT by Stephen King, $9.56 (paperback) or $22.48 (hardcover) | I still haven't seen this year's movie adaption of It - I doubt they had any Mummy & Me showings of it - but I did re-read the book while I was waiting for it to come out. My mum read this when she was pregnant with me and she thinks it's somehow responsible for my fear of clowns, so hopefully I haven't doomed Lucie to the same fear... Anyway, if you know someone who loved the movie then buy them a copy of the book so they know what to expect when the sequel comes out in a couple of years time!
MUNCHIES: LATE-NIGHT MEALS FROM THE WORLD'S BEST CHEFS by J.J. Goode & Helen Hollyman, $26.17 | I am so lucky to live in a country where food is a huge part of the culture and there is amazing food on offer at every corner (literally, there's five or six boulangeries within walking distance of our flat), but sometimes I just really crave a dirty, greasy, artery-clogging feed. I liked the idea behind Vice's Munchies cookbook, which is the meals that chefs (such as Anthony Bourdain, blah and blah) make when they've clocked off from the kitchen and are looking for a satisfying, three a.m meal. A great gift for people who love food but aren't necessarily looking to become the next Masterchef. 
NO WAY! OKAY, FINE by Brodie Lancaster, $25.50 | I pre-ordered this as soon as I got the notification because I am such a big fan of Brodie's writing (and she is a really rad person to boot!). Honestly I wish this book had been around when I was in high school, or in my awkward ~finding myself~ period at uni, because Brodie's collection of essays is just so relatable and so eloquently put. I cannot recommend this highly enough! I'm writing a little round-up of what I've been reading lately which will go into this in a little more detail but trust me that anyone in your life that appreciates essays that are in turn hilarious and bittersweet will appreciate this book. 
DRESSES TO DREAM ABOUT by Christian Siriano, $34.18 | Christian Siriano is one of my favourite Project Runway contestants (I'm just now catching up on the latest seasons!) and I've loved seeing how successful he's become since his time on the show. He creates the most incredible, feminine dresses, showcased beautifully in this book. This would be the perfect gift for anyone who's a fan of his beautiful, elegant style. 
FAIRYTALES FROM AROUND THE WORLD by Andrew Lang, $49.99 | This is part of a selection of leather-bound books available from Boffins Books, and while they all look just gorgeous, I especially love the cover of this one. It contains 100 fairytales from around the world and would make a beautiful keepsake for a little one (I know most kids' books end up covered in spit and bite marks, but it's the thought that counts...)
AMAZING(ER) FACE by Zoe Foster-Blake, $24 | Amazing Face has been a staple for many an Aussie girl, and this pumped up version features even more tips and tutorials (as well as some updated product recommendations, which is fantastic!). I am a big fan of Zoe's writing and as someone who has began experimenting more with makeup (i.e not just buying what's on special in the Coles toiletries aisle), I would love to receive a book like this that provides a little bit of guidance presented in a personable, un-intimidating way. 

Phew, that turned into a mini-book of its own. I'm sorry! I could talk about books all day and I really need to get back into reading (you know, in the spare half an hour of time a day that I have). I hope this provided you with some gift-giving inspiration and if you have any more recommendations please let us know!

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