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Another outfit post that was preceded by another excellent brunch. I love having more days off! LOVE IT! It means there's so much more time for obsessively sending Snapchats and downloading Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. No, I don't spend my days off all that productively. Anyway, we drove past Mount Lawley Bowling Club and thought it was as good a place as any to take photos. I've never been before and hardly ever even driven past it, but I loved the art deco theme to it. 

I was still feeling the '60s vibe, especially since I cut my fringe last night, so I wore this paisley shift dress and my good old Target boots, which I can't believe are still holding up after about three years. I think they're the best shoes I've gotten for $40. 

ASOS paisley shift dress and necklace | Target boots | Dangerfield tooth earrings | Pigeonhole bag

I love buying any tooth related jewellery, if only because I know it will amuse my parents (who are both dentists). I have, however, come across a lot of disturbingly realistic and even actually real tooth pieces, which creeps me out quite a lot. I really do NOT dig anything that looks creepily medical. We have an Anatomic Annie head in the store I work and it gives me shivers walking past it. ARGH

In this photo Aidan was cracking me up by singing the song from this video. I know it's the kind of thing that you'll either think it's funny or just be like "WTF mate?" but I think it's basically the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. Although he was only getting me to laugh in the first place because he clearly does not get the standard "fashion blogger smizing fiercely into the camera" pose and keeps asking why I'm not smiling. So rude. Blogging is srs.

Well, after I took these photos I had dinner with my parents before they head off to Italy (my mum's rowing in the World Masters races! Go mum!) and then went to see Empire thanks to a friend getting a bunch of free tickets. It was incredible! I think it's on in Perth for a little while longer so if you get a chance to see it, please do. And then tomorrow night I have a friend's birthday drinks. This is the busiest weekend I've had in quite a while... winter does turn me into quite the hermit. I use the term "winter" lightly, since these photos are taken in the third month of winter and I didn't even need to wear multiple layers. Thanks, Australian weather!

Hope you have an excellent weekend!

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  1. Love that dress, it actually looks like a vintage dress, go asos.
    Wow, you mum is awesome, I hope they have a fantastic time.


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