Here is the long overdue follow-up to this post! Yes, of course I am still buying slightly odd things from every corner of the internet... here's what I've picked up lately. 

I saw this shirt in an Instagram from XoJane's Emily and about five minutes later I had ordered it. I don't really know why, I'm not even a huge Motorhead fan and DEFINITELY would not recommend going to bed with them in any sense, but it made me laugh and at 10:45 on a Saturday night when I'm at home online shopping, that's enough of an incentive for me. 

BOOBS & BOMBS SHOWER CURTAIN | Family Jewels (via Urban Outfitters)
I first saw this shower curtain when it was $64, and while I really kind of loved it, paying $64 for a shower curtain seemed a little ridiculous. But I checked back around sale time and it was reduced to $30! Yes! It's sadly sold out now, so if you wanted a shower curtain with various pairs of boobs (and some singular boobs, which is a bit odd) then YOU'RE OUTTA LUCK. Because I know how high the boobs-on-shower-curtain demand is. 

This is another thing that I was waiting to go down in price before I could justify buying it. And oh happy day, it was only around twenty bones when I ordered it this week! I can't wait to do a li'l shimmy and make the fringing flap in the breeze. The simple things in life, ya know.

Okay, not at all weird, but weird for ME! Do you know the last time I bought a pair of jeans?! It was probably around the time I started this blog. I think I wore them to a Coldplay concert (blergh). Anyway, I was really happy with these jeans and defs would recommend them BUT make sure you get the right size! I bought a size up from usual because my hips don't lie and jeans usually are a tad unflattering, but these ones have quite a lot of stretch in them and are already way too big. But I love them so much I'm thinking of buying another pair anyway.

Sadly not quite as odd as the last time - no celebrity badges or Morissey jumpers - so if you know of any weird/cool shops out there please let me know! 


  1. Oh I love these! I love it when your style gets weird, girl.

  2. That Zebra sweat shirt is pretty amazing! I've always wanted to buy things online but am always too nervous to do so in case things don't fit (items from other countries in particular) - got any tips for aforementioned online shopping? Also I am so happy you did a part 2 of this!


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