STYLEAID 2013 | Runway Part Two

Slowly but surely, I'm making my way through the hundreds of STYLEAID photos! Here's part two of the runway show... and get ready because part three is being edited as this post goes up!
I loved this collection by Fenella Peacock. It definitely gave me Picnic At Hanging Rock vibes but ALSO a little bit of a Marie Antoinette vibe, particularly the scenes in Sofia Coppola's film when she's at her country palace or wherever it was. And I loved the flower garlands they used (particularly as I was wearing my own floral garland!); they were a refreshing take on a style that is absolutely everywhere at the moment. It was so delicate and very ethereal. 

Morrison is a major stalwart in the Perth fashion scene, and they always put out such beautifully tailored collections. Unfortunately I didn't get a lot of good photos, but I did want to show this look that I loved. I loved the kind of slouchy leather jacket with the long, flowing silhouette. 

Empire Rose showed one of my favourite collections of the night. My favourite parts were the tartan piece. It was like a very sexy Braveheart cast with kind of a Wuthering Heights vibe too (with the long skirts and neck ruffles). I also LOVED the necklace/bib that's featured in the first photo. It had so much incredible detail in it. It just felt really fun and fresh.

Salasai had some really great colours - lots of oxblood, navys and greys - and that amazing zigzag print too! I was also particularly smitten with that leather jacket... argh! I feel like these clothes would be right at home in Leederville or Mount Lawley. It was kind of preppy but not too much, really on-trend without being too trendy... such a hard balance to get right but they really pulled it off. 

I was quite surprised by how much I loved One Fell Swoop's collection. That white suit was giving me major Bianca Jagger vibes - I thought it was what you'd traditionally expect for sharp, women's tailoring but with a really modern twist, like the kind of sheer pants on the white suit or the gorgeous and unexpected back (those chiffon ties! Dreamy) on the black gown above. Even the LBD got a bit of a makeover, as you can see in the photo above. 

Okay! Part three will be up very soon, so stay tuned! It's unofficial STYLEAID week here on Gin in a Teacup!...

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