STYLEAID 2013 | Runway Part Three

Phew! Hopefully you aren't too overwhelmed with the STYLEAID posts yet? This is my last batch of runway photos and these collections were some of my very favourites.

Steph Audino's collection was really fun, flirty and playful. It was really good to see the models having a bit of fun as well - it seemed like they really loved wearing the clothes, which is always an excellent advertisement! I really dug the beading details on the black dresses, it gave them a little unexpected pop of colour (and I'm never going to turn down a bit of colour!).

Nikki Loueza had a really strong collection. I'm not much for slouchy wear but I could totally see myself buying pieces from this collection. I really loved the androgynous styling, too. The first look pictured above is my favourite - I do love that shirt and pants combo! Very Patti Smith.

Zhivago actually had quite a dramatic start to STYLEAID - all of their collection was stolen out of their Hummer the morning of the show. Can you even imagine how gut-wrenching that would be?! If it hadn't been splashed all over my Facebook newsfeed, though, I would never have guessed anything was amiss. I was so floored by this collection. All the models just had so much sass and they worked those pieces. Consider me your newest fan, Zhivago!

Bikini Atoll had a really fun and cute collection, but my favourite part were these weird tube skirt things. Very Gidget! I loved them. No matter how impractical and over-the-top they may be, I would LOVE to wear one while lounging by the pool this summer. Especially that gold one-piece! A MUST HAVE. I think that the Bikini Atoll male models also got the biggest cheer of the night!...

And finally(!), here are my favourite looks from 33 Poets. Their collection really wowed me, to be honest. I love that cross print and I loved the whole English fops and dandies feel I got from the collection. I really, really, REALLY love that last dress (coat-dress?) in particular - it was one of my favourite looks from the night. 

Well, that's a wrap of the night! Hope you've enjoyed getting to know some more awesome local labels... I certainly have! Thanks again to Rachel at Muse Bureau and to STYLEAID for the opportunity! 

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