STYLEAID 2013 | Runway Part One

So I've shown you the backstage photos, now it's time for the STYLEAID runway photos! It's so exciting to see so many amazingly talented local designers and I'm SO excited to get to share them with you!

Aurelio Costarella's collection was absolutely GORGEOUS. I only wish I'd gotten better photos of it! It had a very luxurious, elegant Great Gatsby vibe, and it was styled impeccably. I am a huge admirer of Mr Costerella and I really hope to own one of his pieces one day. If it happens to be that beautiful white dress then that would be even better... a girl can dream. 

I used to live near Angelo St in South Perth, where there was a huge flagship Flannel store that I always admired from afar. It's such a 'luxe bohemian' kind of look - it makes me think of what Anita Pallenberg would wear if she were alive today. Their pieces always have such beautiful detail and are just so uncomplicated and beautiful. 

I have been a huge fan of Ae'lkemi ever since I saw a collection a few years ago at the Times Square Claremont opening. This collection was everything I loved about them - incredible details, amazingly styled (those victory rolls! I've only seen better on Ally from The Vintage Valley!) and gorgeous, figure-hugging gowns. 

I was SO excited for Vivienne Westwood by DilettanteIt might come as a bit of a surprise but Vivienne Westwood is one of my absolute favourite designers. I worship her. If I could afford it I would totally dress in Vivienne Westwood every damn day. You might have seen the models' amazing makeup in the backstage post, and it was so effective and jarring (in a good way) on the runway. It was just styled so cleverly and it made for a really great show. Such an amazing job by Diletantte!

And finally (for this post, anyway), here's my favourite looks from ZSADAR. Super sexy menswear that, even as a menswear pleb, I can appreciate. I especially loved the black and white look featured above. Going to try and convince my man to wear it next time he goes skating.

Way too many designers to be featured in one post, so part two of the runway will be up soon! Hope you're enjoying the coverage so far, these posts are so fun (if more than a little time consuming) to put together!

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