STYLEAID 2013 | Behind The Scenes

Last Friday night I was incredibly lucky to get a chance to take some photos at STYLEAID (thank you to Muse Bureau for the opportunity!). STYLEAID is a hugely successful fundraising event in Perth, raising money for the WA AIDS Council by putting on a very fancy dinner, an amazing fashion show, an auction and of course a rocking after-party. 

While the guests were polishing off their dinner, the other bloggers and I were snapping pictures backstage, and in hair and makeup. Can I just say OH MY GOOD GOD I never realised how insane it is backstage at a runway show? My only experience with it has been watching the finale shows of Project Runway (HA!) so I assumed it was all exaggerated for reality TV purposes. WRONG! I think there were about forty different models altogether and it was just chaos backstage. CHAOS! I really must commend the stylists, make up artists and the models themselves for managing to pull off such a flawless show! Also, I was quietly devastated that models do not receive the huge amounts of airbrushing I've always assumed - these models were all stunning, with beautiful glowy skin and fab bodies. Also - asking models backstage for 'a quick photo' is the easiest job in the world because they automatically go into full 'model mode' - artfully arched backs, perfect pouts and fierce expressions. I love it!

I still have a couple more posts on STYLEAID to come, so keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of days for my photos from the runway show! 


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  1. Oh man, I dressed at Styleaid last year and it was so heckers! Wicked photos, looks like so much fun. Totally want me some of those (hair?) garlands.


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