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Only a few days now until the last episodes of Breaking Bad, so I had to make it the shopping feature this week. I'll be a bit sad when it comes to an end, won't you? It's also driving me crazy because I have no idea how, exactly, it will end. Although the show's twists are always just crazy enough to work, I can't help feeling that the writers are going to troll us all and this will have just been a world that some meth addict dreamed up or something. 

But man, it's just such a good show. Bryan Cranston especially just gives me the chills. Most of the shows I adore feature at least a little tackiness, but this show is like drinking a smooth, expensive glass of scotch after only ever having vodka cruisers. Or, indeed, trying Walter White's meth after having the far inferior meth, if a more apt metaphor were to be used (I guess?). Here's some brilliant Breaking Bad things I found on Etsy, if you want to take your love of the show to the next level...
'Yeah, Mr White' brooch | Kate Rowland Illustration
Breaking Bad charm bracelet | little Samantics
Walt and Jesse stud earrings | Meowheads {looks like the Etsy shop listings have expired, but hopefully she'll be back soon!}
Better Call Saul tote | One Wild Oat
Heisenberg quotes | Big Bad Wolf
Breaking Bad pencils | Pop Culture Pencils

And my favourite prints from Society 6. I could waste hours on that site. So far I've bought these Liz Lemon and Leslie Knope prints and a Biggie poster that has the lyrics for 'Big Poppa' in French... I have diverse tastes I guess.

If you just can't wait til August 11 to get your hit, have a look through these AMAs by members of the cast - you've got Bryan Cranston, Bob Odenkirk, Giancarlo Esposito, RJ Mitte, and even the guy who gets his head squished by an ATM in that one episode. And Aaron Paul's starts at 4pm EDT! Ahhhhhh!  

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