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I wore this outfit to go to Miss Kitty's Saloon and eat poutine (SO GOOD! I can't believe I went almost twenty four years without having it in my life) and watch The Great Gatsby with some friends. The Great Gatsby was actually a lot better than I expected; of course it was really eyegasmically gorgeous and the costumes were amazing, but even with all the unnecessarily cheesy parts, it was still really enjoyable. And it had a really great soundtrack! I do wish I'd read the book first, and then maybe I would be a little closer to understanding the obsession with Daisy Buchanan. She was FLAKY and MEAN! Even if she did have the best costumes in the movie and I still will not rest until I get a copy of that crystal dress and pale blue fur capelet

As you can probably tell by my expression in these photos, it was FREEZING when I took these before work! This coat is probably the warmest thing I own. It's just like wearing a big, but also terribly chic, blanket. It was a lovely given from somebody close to me, and when I wear it I get reminded of all these nice memories. That's why I like vintage clothing - there are so many memories behind people's wardrobes and it's nice to wear something that has some history like that.

Vintage coat | Trashy Diva dress | Target cardigan | ASOS loafers | Henry Holland tights (with secret fake suspenders!) | Opal ring

I got this dress ages ago (on sale!) from Trashy Diva, after lusting after a different version of the same print on Modcloth. It's a lot more than I would usually spend on one dress, but I've worn it so many times since I bought it that it's well worth it! The print is amazing. I'm still debating whether to take it up a couple of inches to make it more suitable for everyday wear, but I kind of love the longer length as well... it feels like a very classy dress at the moment (though it has definitely seen me through some not-so-classy times). 

Well, this week I have a couple of exciting things happening BUT I have also made some new blog posts! One is Parks & Recreation themed. I finished the fifth season yesterday and I'm already having withdrawals. 



  1. I love The Great Gatsby soundtrack! It just makes me want to deck myself out in jewels and feathers!

  2. Cutest outfit! I love this dress!

  3. The soundtrack is pure perfection! Not to mention the aesthetics of the whole film... Wow. Gorgeous outfit too, the coat is to die for!

    Sophie xo


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