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I'd heard so many great things about Parks & Recreation but I'd never watched more than the first few episodes. WHATTA CRIME! When I was sick a couple of weeks ago I made my way through the whole thing and I LOVED IT. I should have known anything with Amy Poehler in it would be amazing. Well, maybe not everything... anyone remember Baby Mama? No? Exactly (sorry Amy).

I'm not sure when season six comes out but I'll be waiting! And probably rewatching the entire series at some point. To tide me over, I rounded up some of my favourite Parks & Recreation items I've found.

{clockwise from top left}
1 | Ron Swanson nail decals from NailSpin, $5.40
2 | Scented Butter & Maple Syrup Waffle Necklace from Tiny Hands jewellery, $28 {Amy Poehler actually wore this on the show!}
3 | Ron Swanson cross-stitch from Cincinnati Threads, $21.59
4 | Treat Yo Self embroidery hoop from Stitch Culture, $36.71
5 | April and Andy cross-stitch pattern from You Make Me Sew Happy, $3.23
6 | Papa Ban's Low Cal Calzone Zone shirt from Red Bubble, $26.94
7 | Li'l Sebastian plush toy from NBC shop, $19
8 | I Love Bacon cookbook from Modcloth, $19.99
9 | 'Wonder With A Whisker' cookie cutter set from Modcloth, $12.99

And my three favourite prints... The middle artist is really fantastic and does an awesome Liz Lemon print as well. I want to get both of them and hang them in my living room.

1 | Parks & Recreation poster by Shanti Draws from Society 6, $17
2 | Leslie Knope print by Heymonster from Society 6, $14
3 | Foods of Ron Swanson print from Roaring Softly, $21.59

And if you need an excuse to purchase any of these lovely items... do I even need to say it?



    That is all I need to say. Seriously need it all, even Leslie's waffle bag and her patchwork quilts hahahaha

  2. Amazing! Definitely getting the waffle necklace, so kitsch and cute!

    Sophie xo

  3. MATE I cannot believe you haven't seen parks and rec before now. but you are forgiven for introducing all this sick merch to my life.


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