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Hello! I finally, FINALLY felt well enough to actually get dressed and go out for some breakfast and book shopping with Aidan (but please excuse my rather sickly expression in these photos). We went to the Daily Planet, where I had a egg white omelette which came with little roast potatoes (amazing!) and then mosied on next door, where I ended up buying one of the Style Me Vintage books, which looks pretty fantastic from what I've read so far! 

This is yet another dress I bought from Exile Vintage. I think I bought it as a pick-me-up after an extremely bad day at work. I felt like I needed this silly print in my wardrobe. And how many dresses do you see with a dress form print?! Clearly it was a necessary purchase. I love the little strips of striped fabric at the sides, too, and I appreciate that without them this dress would NOT be able to accommodate the amount of food I ate at breakfast. Wiggle dresses are fantastic, but not for everyday wear!
Vintage dress via Exile Vintage | Sportsgirl loafers | Temt cardigan | Pigeonhole pink studs and belt | 'T' ring by Tea Party for Lucy

Well, I said I felt a little better, but after a full on day at work yesterday, I feel like an afternoon watching Breaking Bad is in order. It was on my 23 before 24 list to watch the whole season in order (though I've already seen it from pretty much the fourth season) and I'm finally doing it! At first it was a bit intense for my flu-addled brain, but now I'm obsessed (or should I say... ADDICTED?! No, probably not). Only two or three years behind everyone else.  

I hope your weekend is going excellently! 



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  2. That has to be the cutest dress *ever*! Gorgeous, lady.


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