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I've been feeling really inspired by the 60s recently, as opposed to the 1950s. I feel more drawn towards go-go girls instead of pin-up girls, looking for shift dresses instead of dresses cinched in at the waist, and am leaning towards loafers and booties instead of coquettish high heels. Not that I ever wore high heels if I could help it, but you get my gist.

In particular, I love the coordinating outfits of '60s girl groups (anybody want to start a du-wop band? Nobody? Okay then), cigarette pants and slim fit turtlenecks, and crazy psychedelic prints. I've been trying out this Priscilla Presley makeup tutorial from xoVain and it makes me want to wear crazy winged eyeliner and big bouffants everywhere. 

And while I've been sticking to a pretty tight budget over the past month or so, I may have dug into my bank account a few times to add some '60s inspired pieces to my wardrobe. First I got this weird elephants-carrying-around-tiny-men printed dress from Exile Vintage. I've bought from them quite a few times before - like this tartan onethis giraffe printed onethis 70s leaf print dress, and this mod red dress that I wore to a Blogger's Meetup at Devilles, and the dress I wore on New Year's Eve this year. So yes... quite a few dresses accumulated over the years. They had a 20% off promo so I snapped this one up and I can't wait for it to arrive. 

The ASOS Melody black loafers are something I've wanted for such a long time. I looked EVERYWHERE for a pair of plain black loafers - no embellishments, no heel, and leather (or leather look, anyway). I ummed and ahhed about getting them but I figured black loafers are something I'll wear all through winter. Plus, they'll go nicely with these pants I ordered from Le Bomb Shop! I'd read about them over at Scathingly Brilliant, and they had these pants, which were the exact cut and pattern I've been trawling vintage stores for. I'm a bit nervous about the fit - I've never ordered pants online because I'm so picky about the fit, which is probably why I haven't bought pants in about three years - so I'll let you know how that goes!

I've been quite ill the past couple of days so I'm sorry for the lack of posts (...I don't really have an excuse for the days before that! I'm sorry, work has still been as busy as it ever was). Hopefully I'll be well enough for a few outfit photos this week! It be getting cold in Perth, so rug up if you're a local lady! 

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  1. So digging the 60's vibe atm, a shift dress & flat boots/shoes is so chic! I really want to bouffant my hair but suspect I'll regret it when it all breaks off...

    1. Yeah, my hair is a bit too short to put into a proper beehive :( but looking forward to trying out the shift dress/flat shoes combo!

  2. I love some parts of 60's style. Love the shift dresses, winged eyeliner and flats, not so keen on the humungous hair! and those pants look like they'll be smokin' by the way -can't wait to hear how they fit!

    1. Thank you! I'll be sure to take some photos once they arrive (I can't wait!).


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