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Hello again! This is one of the new dresses I bought on Tuesday. I tried it on ages ago but stupidly went for another weird dress instead (that doesn't even fit right so will probably be passed off to someone at the first opportunity I get... or possibly altered... ugh I hate it when impulse buys don't pay off. THE DARK FLIP SIDE OF THE COIN because all my other dresses bought on a whim lately have been amazing) but I had to go back and get it this payday. It's just so cute! There should be more ice-cream print dresses out there. 

Pulp Kitchen dress via Dangerfield | ASOS velvet flats | K is for Kani headpiece | Pigeonhole flower studs | Opal ring

I also wanted to show you this beautiful headpiece I got from K is for Kani. I bought it to wear at the wedding I went to recently but ended up wearing some of the smaller floral pins instead. I haven't had a chance to wear this out yet - I wasn't game enough to wear it to a regular day at work! - but I think it needs to be worn soon! I feel a bit bad admitting it (especially because the last couple of blog posts have made me sound like such a rabid consumer, which is... not entirely true) but I have quite a few beautiful floral and vintage headpieces that I haven't worn a lot because hats seem like quite a big statement, don't they? I give props to any lady who rocks hats on a regular basis. 

I wore this to work (it's so much busier than my old store! Ahh!) and now I'm cooking a pea, ricotta and salami tart so hopefully that all goes well (I'm not that fantastic at cooking anything that's not pasta or tacos)! Gosh I love food. I think this dress is making me feel hungrier than usual. 



  1. Love the whole ensemble - it looks fab together!

  2. So gorgeous! I am in love with that dress.

  3. Love this dress! One of my bloggy friends sent me a gorgeous floral headpiece & I've only worn it around the house so far...it does just seem like such a bold statement!


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