LITTLE THINGS | 30.04.2013

Hello again! It's been a couple of months since my last Little Things post so apologies in advance for the bumper edition! Maybe go get yourself a cup of tea and some biscuits for sustenance. As always you can also see these photos on my Instagram account at @gininateacup. 

I went to see Neil Young in March (I think) with Aidan's family. I think I've already mentioned it quite a few times but it was amazing! I wasn't a huge fan before I went to see him (although Harvest Moon is one of my favourite songs of all time) but I came away completely awestruck and with a whole new appreciation of his music. So, so good. 

And we went bowling. I am not that good. Way too many gutter balls occurred that evening!

Maybe one of the most important events from the past month is that Aidan's big brother got married! It was such a beautiful wedding, the bride looked amazing and it was so much fun. I'm a little bit devastated that I didn't get more photos but I was too busy eating, dancing or tearing up at the lovely speeches. Ahhh weddings! 

I wore this stunning 1940s dress I found on Etsy (the day before was the only time I noticed it was a little stained... and yellow under the arms... oops) with Vivienne Westwood x Melissa heart heels (a huge hit with everyone except my feet - blisters for days - and appropriately themed for a wedding) and some K is for Kani hairpins. My boyfriend's gorgeous sister had a Wayne Cooper dress and looked SMOKIN', as I'm sure you'll agree!

Okay, so this photo of the bandaged knees was when I fell off a stool at work, kicked it out underneath me while falling, and landed on two of the metal legs on the chair with the back of my knees. Such a dumb thing to happen (filling out the incident report was rather confusing for everyone) and I looked like I had gunshot wounds in the back of my knees for about a month! // My new favourite ring // My other new favourite ring // My Pretty Snake CAT JUMPER! I am also stoked because the designer of Pretty Snake was on 

And a little random assortment to finish it off... I made this ricotta, pea and salami tart and it was DELICIOUS! I will have to put the recipe up because if I didn't screw it up, it must be pretty easy! // It was my lovely sister's birthday on Friday and we went to 2 Fat Indians for some fantastic food and pretty great cocktails // My friends' housemate had a Mexican themed party so I got my chola on // My wall of Polaroids! I love it, it makes me so happy. It's about a year's worth of Polaroids/Instax photos and I'm glad I finally did something with them!

OKAY THAT'S IT! If you made it through, thank you and you're one of my favourite people. More posts coming your way very soon!



  1. Your skirt in the top left photograph is DIVINE! I love it! Where did you get it from, if you don't mind me asking? I love these kinds of post and you do them so well. So beautiful. And that retro dress! It's actually heaven in a garment! XXXXX

    1. Hello hello, sorry for the extremely delayed reply! My skirt is actually a dress by Revival (I got it from Dangerfield). I couldn't find it on the website unfortunately but I'm pretty certain it's still in store ^.^ x


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