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Hey again! This is another dress I picked up on my shopping trip this week. My lovely friend Phuong won a voucher for Miss Brown Vintage ages ago (at Remedy in fact!) and couldn't really find much to spend it on, so she gave the rest of the voucher to me! WHAT?! FREE VINTAGE?!?! I almost cried. Thanks Phuong!

So I picked up this dress and a skirt. I would have gone crazy but Aidan was sitting outside already and probably cursing my name. Who goes shopping with boys? Rookie mistake. Anyway, you should get yourself down to the Miss Brown pop-up store because the sales assistants are great and friendly and they seem to get new stuff in pretty regularly.

Vintage dress from Miss Brown Vintage | ASOS flats | Opal ring | Pigeonhole robin earrings

I haven't really been wearing much vintage lately and I forgot how much I love it. I think quite a bit of Miss Brown Vintage is reconstructed in some way but you can't deny this dress has a particularly vintage vibe. And that collar! I feel a bit like a 1950s schoolteacher (particularly fitting as I'm planning to go back to uni and get my teaching degree this year!). I think this is one of the only yellow items of clothing I own as well. The yellow and brown kind of reminds me of... waffles? Or something?

I have my second-last Fringe review tonight for Soires Fantastiques. I went to see the Circus Freak Show last night so I think this will be a nice, PG change! No more hammering nails up noses... hopefully. Tonight's show is my last Fringe review, I'm really bummed that it's almost all over! 



  1. Love it! Now how can I go about stealing your wardrobe? :P Not many people can pull off yellow but you wear it beautifully and I really love those earrings!

  2. This is a bit adorable! I love the collar, I love the colour, I love the pattern. Miss brown has so much cool stuff huh? So tempting...

  3. Oh ! I love your earrings !!!!!!


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