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Hello! Today was the day of my first official Fringe Festival review, and I was lucky enough to see Kinetica. It was a bit weird and wonderful, with a bunch of amazing aerial acrobatics that made my jaw drop - as soon as the review goes up I'll let you know!

Perth's heading for another heatwave so I needed to wear something light and airy - the Fringe venues all look spectacular, but man they get really warm really fast! I ended up in this vintage dress I got a couple of years ago. It's actually from Sportsgirl's vintage range (I'm not totally sure if they still do that but I bought a couple of dresses when they were on super super sale) so I imagine it's been redesigned, hemmed and the like, but I love the bright orange colour and the big floaty sleeves. It's a pretty perfect summer frock, to be honest. 

Sorry about the extreme flash in these photos, it was dark and I completely blanked on how to use my camera in low light! The shame. 

Vintage dress | Betts sandals | Opal ring from Aidan | Pigeonhole dinosaur ring & bag | Sportsgirl tiger bracelet | Skull bracelets from Love Couture | Peace bracelet from a PFF showbag | Media pass because I'm a dork

After the show, Aidan and I stopped off to get some delicious treats from Superstar Waffles. I've been wanting to visit for ages but it doesn't open until one. I want waffles way before 1pm! WHY YOU GOTTA PLAY ME LIKE THAT?! Anyway, Aidan had strawberry waffles and I had peanut butter mousse, which comes with whipped peanut butter, crushed peanuts, and Oreo crumbs. AMAZING. I 
think a return visit is in order. 

I've got another show to review tomorrow so stay tuned for another outfit post! I'm hoping to get some photos of the famous Speigeltent - I've seen it when I've gone to the Fringe bar and it's absolutely beautiful! 

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  1. That dress is very cute & I love the colour! I hope you're enjoing Fringe!


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