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Hello again! Sorry for the lack of outfit posts recently. I've been in one of those stages where I'm sick to death of everything in my wardrobe, so I haven't been very inspired. Even when I was on holidays and had a bunch of cute outfits planned, I quickly discarded those for anything without layers/zips/structure as soon as I got on the island and figured out it was too damn hot to worry about looking nice. But after doing a big wardrobe cull, I took some gift vouchers I received recently and bought a couple of new things. I meant to get some items that would actually be wardrobe staples, but of course I walked out with a brick-print skirt and a tee with Will Smith and Mariah on it. Of course. 

I was a bit hesitant about buying this skirt because I'm as sick of digital prints as I'm sure you all are, but it's such a nice shape and super high waisted (hooray for waists!). It's that weird stretchy not-quite-lycra material so I'm not sure how well it will hold up, but for now it's pretty perfect. AND Myer have a 'buy two, get one free' deal on all the Dangerfield clothes. I bought this, the aforementioned t-shirt and a singlet dress with pictures of David Bowie on it. What? I don't know. 

Pulp Kitchen skirt via Dangerfield | ASOS shirt | Sportsgirl loafers | Michael Hill ring from Aidan

Sorry for the short and sweet outfit post, but I'm off to review the Chronicles of Burlesque tonight... I'm so excited! The Sugar Blue Burlesque ladies always put on an excellent show!



  1. That Dangerfield sale is good times, I hit that up on the weekend too. Loving the printed skirt, and your Bowie dress sounds somewhat amazing...

    1. Haha! I didn't try the dress on in the shops (it was going to be the 'free' piece anyway) and it looks a bit... odd. I wish I had gotten the t-shirt with the Tanner kids from Full House instead! ARGH! x

  2. Digital print is so overdone now! I cringe looking at digital print leggings. I am head over heels for Mr Gugu and Miss Go jumpers still though, and like you and the brick skirt, the odd piece with a rad print here and there. Black Milk has completely fallen off my radar!

    1. I so agree! I loved Black Milk stuff when it first came out but now it's EVERYWHERE! One of my friends has a pair of jellyfish print Black Milk leggings which are still awesome, and there are some cool pieces out there, but like you said, seeing a digital print that's actually good is the exception rather than the rule these days!


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