Hello again! I thought I'd share some snaps of a few of my favourite things recently. It IS a little bit late for a January post, but on top of doing my Fringe reviews I've been sick recently! Ugh! Anyway. Here we go...

1 // K is for Kani accessories. I bought the headband to possibly wear to an upcoming wedding, but then I couldn't resist the adorable pins too! Really fast shipping and beautifully packaged, I would definitely recommend!
2 // YSL Touche Eclat. My sister brought this back from the UK for me - I still can't get over how much cheaper makeup is over there! - and I've used it every day. It's filling in the space of that elusive makeup product that makes you look bright eyed and glowing even if you're running on four hours sleep (I've done the research).
3 // My backyard. Aidan has grand plans to build a mini skate ramp in our backyard and while it's still in the very early stages, I'm blown away by how many offers of help we've had to get the garden cleaned up. I probably won't be AS thankful when I hear people skating at all hours of the day, but right now I'm very proud of all the progress.
4 // This book, because it means not only are there two weddings I get to go to but Aidan will be best man at both of them! How exciting!
5 // This opal ring. I know I put up a photo of it not long ago but I love it. I've worn it almost every day. It has the most beautiful markings on it and the pastel opal is so lovely and sparkly.
6 // Fringe! I've been to see three shows so far (and the reviews all made it up onto the West Australian website, yay!) and they've all been great. You can see my reviews for Kinetica, The Tea(se) Party and Morgan & West: Time Travelling Magicians by clicking on the links!
7 // This owl. I bought him from work a while ago - whenever we get them in they usually sell out super fast - so I snapped this one up as soon as he came in! It's by Made 590 if you'd like your own owly friend!
8 // T2 goodies! These were a Christmas present from a lovely friend of mine. I have to admit I'd never been a fan of flavoured teas - they all just tasted like hot water to me! But these ones are actually really delicious. My favourite is a strawberries and cream flavoured green tea.

Hope you like this new feature (well, hopefully I can make it a monthly feature!). Posting might continue to be a bit light over the next few days as I have more Fringe shows and then I'm off to Rottnest for a few days! Thanks for sticking around :)

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