LITTLE THINGS | 25.02.13

Hey again! Here's some more Instagram snapshots of what I've been up to in the past month. You can always follow along at @gininateacup too! 

Breakfast burrito at Planet Cafe // High tea at Rochelle Adonis for Aidan's brother's fiance // Australia Day lunch // Pigeonhole dinner at The Print Hall (SUCH amazing food!)

My friend Alana on our way to see Weezer! // Bored and lonely at work // Chronicles of Burlesque ladies (it was an excellent show!) // My media pass for the Fringe Festival (which is all over now... sob!)

Some Rottnest photos: Massive pelican I spotted as we were leaving // View from our house // Spending Valentines Day on the beach // And not a Rottnest one, but some awesome wood-frame Polaroid film I used on Australia Day! The photos all came out yellow for some reason... but I still liked them. 

Well, that's it from me for now! Hope your Februarys have all been excellent. I have so many good things happening in March - seeing Neil Young in concert, the Blues & Roots Festival, the aforementioned fiance's hen's night, and starting go-go dancing classes! Eep! 

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