LITTLE THINGS | 14.01.13

Hello again! I've had an insanely busy couple of weeks with engagements, 21sts and baby showers, so here's a little glimpse of what I've been up to. I have more exciting news that I am waiting to be all finalised before I say anything (NOTHING to do with the aforementioned engagements, baby showers and obviously the ship has long sailed on it being a 21st), it's shaping up to be a pretty excellent year! And here's some photos from the past couple of months that I wanted to share with you. As always you can follow along on Instagram at @gininateacup :)

Beautiful opal ring, which was a Christmas present from Aidan (thank you!) // My new favourite ever ornament, a present from my sister // My mum found the exact Nutcracker storybook set that I had when I was little! // Pavlova on Christmas Day

New spiky shoes from the Wittner sale // My Steve Buscemi badge from Napkin Items // Me and my furry jackalope friend (and in a new Modcloth dress from their lucky dip sale!) // Los Pollos Hermanos!

Puppy times! My friend's beautiful puppy Layla // Some tasteless banner making (ahem) // Rad posters in the Hula Bula Bar bathrooms 

 Delicious (and picturesque!) sushi at Takas // Gingerbread house (demolished very soon after this photo was taken) // Aidan & Abby enjoying a NYE swim // My favourite Rolling Stone cover in a long long time (and a really good issue to boot!)



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