Happy New Year!

Happy 2013, everybody! I thought I'd share some Instax photos I took last night. Aidan and I left our NYE plans to the last minute, found out our friends were going to the Bakery, and spent the 31st of December frantically scrambling for tickets. I had almost given up hope - I saw people putting up desperate pleas and promising to pay double the ticket price, so I thought I had no chance - but my wonderful friend Alana saved the day and found us a couple of spare tickets! SCORE. It was such a fun night.

I was going to wear this amazing beaded shift dress but a) it was a tiny bit tight in the arms and butt - not good for dancing - and b) IT WAS 40 FREAKING DEGREES AND THAT DRESS IS HEAVY. So I wore another vintage one I got ages ago and went for a bit of 'Samantha in Bewitched' kind of vibe. I was also hoping for an effect kind of like this.

I hope your New Year's Eve was rocking as well! Here's to an absolutely fantastic 2013!

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