Los Pollos Hermanos

Hey again! It's weird, I didn't stick very closely to the rules during the Black Out Challenge, but now that it's officially over I've gone back to my usual colourful outfits. I think last week I had a pretty stressful week and I just felt like dressing in more subdued colours. I don't know. Either way, I really wanted to wear this shirt my sister gave me as an early Christmas present. At first when I opened it I was like "Um... thanks," and then she was all "Don't you recognise it from Breaking Bad?" and then I got it and it's one of my new favourite shirts. And my second Breaking Bad shirt. What? I didn't realise I liked the show so much. I kept the bird theme running with my seagull print skirt and my pheasant printed headscarf.

Los Pollos Hernanos tee // My Girl Gwendoline skirt // Kmart flats // Op-shop scarf // Pigeonhole stacked rings

Excuse my gappy fringe! It needs a trim. And to be washed... hence the headscarf.

So I wore this for a brunch date with my sister (last time I'll see her before she goes to the UK for a month! Sob) and then we checked out Dangerfield's t-shirt sale. I bought a few (six) but some of them were presents (for me). I ended up with a True Romance one, one with Bruce Springsteen on it (!!! BE STILL MY HEART), one featuring a guy demonstrating hip hop dance moves, and one with my favourite singer who looks like a piece of bacon, Iggy Pop. And then two for Aidan which may end up working their way into my wardrobe. And they were all ten bucks! WHAT?! HOLD ME BACK!!

I'm ridiculously pumped because I have today and tomorrow off work! I worked Thursday through to Monday and so Tuesday and Wednesday are like my weekend... my head's spinning a bit BUT I'm off to Stephen Merchant tonight! He's like a tall sexy tree.



  1. In a couple of those full length photos it kind of looks like the flamingo is coming out of your skirt, which would make it an AMAZING skirt. But it's still pretty sweet as it is.

  2. BREAKING BAD SHIRT. You have just gained 10,000,000 cool points. Well done!!


  3. Love the graphic tee with the bird print skirt :) What a nice gift :)


  4. Love your skirt and ring!



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