Christmas Jams

Hello again! Since it's the first of December I thought I'd share my favourite Christmas songs with you. I've put a lot of work into perfecting my Christmas playlist, since I'll be listening to it eight hours a day five days a week, but these songs are my top picks. 

If you've been reading for a while you know how I feel about Bruce Springsteen (he's called The Boss for a reason. BOSS OF MY HEART) and so it's only right that this song is first on the list. I will warn you it has comes with Tara's Patented Ladyboner Warning. I have only ever heard live versions but who cares? And on a sidenote, how much does that picture crack you up?! Maybe it's just me. 

I mostly listen to 1950s and 60s girl groups and so this song is a perfect Christmas song to me. Christmas? Heartbreak? Girl group harmonies? Sold. And can we please just talk about that red coat Darlene is wearing above? DIVA.

YOU KNOW I had to include this song. What else is there to say about it? It's not Christmas until I hear a bit of Mimi wailing on the radio. I refuse to believe anyone can not dance around when they hear this song.

Last time I went to the record fair I bought an Elvis Presley Christmas album and it is basically the raddest thing ever. I downloaded this song from a random '100 Greatest Christmas Songs' album last year and then DELETED IT by accident and have been trying to remember what it was for the past year. I only found it by googling 'Elvis Presley Christmas Cadillac' and SUCCESS!

I can't remember if Bob Dylan put out a whole Christmas album or just this song but it's so creepy and amazing at the same time. A gravel-voiced Bobby D trying to get in the holiday spirit? It's hilarious. But be warned, the first time I listened to it I looked like this: O_______O, which incidentally my reaction when searching for a Bob Dylan Christmas photo. So many photos of Bob with Santa hats photoshopped on. Is this a thing now?

One of my favourite Christmas songs ever. I have heard covers from Kylie Minogue (AWFUL, it tries so hard to be sexy that I just get embarrassed) and Michael Buble (I do have a soft spot for Boobs so he gets a pass) but nothing can measure up to this original. Let's not forget about the real meaning of Christmas - expensive presents (I kid).

So this is a fairly untraditional Christmas song but it gets thrashed by me for the month of December (except by December I mean all year round). It feels like such a traditional Irish song but features a couple calling each other "cheap slut on junk" and scumbags and maggots and even with all that, it's just so lovely. It also features one of my favourite lines in a song ever:

"You kept my dreams from me/When I first found you"

"I kept them with me babe/I put them with my own
Can't face it all alone/I built my dreams around you"

Well, there's my Christmas 2012 playlist! What songs did I miss out? Don't say 'Silver Bells' or 'The Christmas Song' as they are two of my most hated Christmas songs.

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  1. I love the version of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" that they sing in Love Actually. Have you seen it? The little girl who sings it is incredible! :)



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