Little Things 09.11.12

Hello again! I thought it was time to do another Little Things post, since I have been doing a lot of stuff  and finding absolutely no time to blog about it. So here is a little snippet of what I've been up to...

We had a surprise picnic for my beautiful friend Grace and it was amazing! So much good food and wonderful people and it looked gorgeous too. The whole setup was based on this beach picnic shoot that was in Shop Til You Drop's latest issue. It ended up being a little cold for the beach (not that you can tell from these photos) so we took it to the park! I say "we" but my contribution was just providing chorizo and haloumi.

A bit of a better look at my Halloween jumper and bone bracelet // I was locked out of Aidan's parent's house last Friday so I borrowed Jerry for some shameless selfies // BURGER JUMPER (again)

I was very lucky to receive tickets for the opening night of the Australian Ballet Company's Romeo & Juliet and it was beautiful! My sister came and kept me company // One of my friends from work bought me some macarons as a pick-me-up one afternoon

I made sloppy joes (which I've never seen before outside of American high school movies) and they were delicious... // ... as was this banoffee pie from the aforementioned picnic! People lost their shit over this. I actually thought I would punch someone if I didn't get a slice.

The Pigeonhole party was a few weeks ago - at the start of October, and you can see my outfit post about it here - but I only just realised I never put any photos up! I do have more but the night got significantly more shambolic after this point and, well, no one needs that incriminating evidence on their blog...

♥ Wearing: I have actually tried to cut back on spending (especially since Christmas is NEXT MONTH, eek) but I did go a bit Etsy crazy a while ago and bought a sequinned cardigan, golf-themed cardigan (WHY?!) and a beautiful 1950s fascinator. And then a really lovely olive 1950s dress. BUT THAT'S IT.

♥ Lusting after: You would think there's nothing left to lust over after I seem to have bought EVERYTHING, but I do quite like this sweet little swan dress from ASOS and I am obsessed with these Jeffery Campbell pencil flats from Modcloth. I think I'm the only short person I know who still doesn't wear heels. 

♥ Watching: Like I mentioned a few posts back I am all about Project Runway. I thought season ten had just started but it's actually finished, which means I have a whole season to catch up on! I'm only about four episodes in but I'm already hooked. 

♥ Reading: I actually managed to read a couple of books while I was off sick! I read Lola Bensky by Lily Brett... I was expecting to love it because it's about a girl who's a music journalist in the 1960s, but it just fell really flat for me. I actually struggled to finish it because I didn't sympathise with the main character at all. I also read Everyone Changes But You by Maggie Alderson and I loved it. I love all her books. I know they're pretty fluffy chick-lit but there's nothing wrong with that, especially when you're sick! Then I decided to read My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult and yep, it's just as sad as I remembered it to be. 

♥ Excited about: Next week I have a huge week of concerts to go to! I have Elton John on Monday night, Sigur Ros on Tuesday night, and then Ben Folds Five on Wednesday night. Phew! And after that Aidan goes to Melbourne for Radiohead, so I'm a little bit excited to be able to watch my shows and eat food out of the carton and be messy for a few days. 


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