It Ain't Easy Being Green

Hello! Here's my first official Black Out challenge post. I got this dress in the mail yesterday and I absolutely love it! It had been languishing on my Etsy wishlist for a couple of months and I'm so glad I snapped it up before someone else did. It fits perfectly and is such a beautiful olive green. I can just picture it with perfect red lips and victory rolls. Ahh! So good. I'm pretty terrified of spilling something on it, though.

Vintage dress from Bohemian Bisoux // Sportsgirl flats // Pigeonhole stag studs

I thought I would have NO problem with the Black Out challenge until I realised it also included shoes and accessories. 'SCUSE ME? WHY YOU GOTTA PLAY ME LIKE THAT? I pretty much live in black flats (and they smell gross enough to prove it). I think I might have to break out my collection of heels to make it through the week because otherwise you'll be seeing a ridiculous amount of these loafers. And summer is no friend to closed in shoes. 

And to match my vintage dress, here is one of my favourite vintage tunes. YES it was in Boardwalk Empire and y'all know how I feel about that show (I love it).



  1. This challenge would be the death of me....ALL my clothes have a bit of black in them....I'd fail first day haha

  2. Aiieee it's super land girl, love it, definitely wear it with red lips & victory rolls!

    The shoes/accessories is definitely the hardest thing about BlackOut - and this is coming from someone who probably has relatively more colourful shoes/bags than the average...

  3. hehe I am a cheeky one aren't I - I had to make it a challenge didn't I? :-p

    p.s. your dress is AMAZING!


  4. Ohhhh that dress is stunning! Your hair also be lookin' fine, lady! As is your face, as always.

  5. love love love love this dress! it looks amazing on you Tara! very good find and buy! oh P.s a little while ago you did a post where you mentioned you and your man went and got some abso-fucking-lutly AMAZING looking burgers! can you PLEASE tweet me and tell me where this place is?!?! your post has been haunting my dreams!!


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