Skulls & Roses

After a couple of weeks of umm-ing and ahh-ing over this cardigan, I finally just added it to my cart and soon enough it was on its way to me. I never thought I would own any skull-themed items of clothing, but I loved the Day of the Dead-esque pattern on it.  I liked this outfit because it reminded me a little of one of my favourite singers Lanie Lane. I really liked the rockabilly edge, although I really need to get a new plain black skirt to wear! This one was an impulse purchase about two years ago from ASOS, and I wear it about twice a week. 

And I must admit that while it took me about two hours of serious debate at work (including a test run, during which the shoes drew the attention of the security guards at the pub across from me, who looked genuinely concerned for my safety), I decided not to wear my Litas out - I wore this to Pigeonhole's fifth birthday celebrations and it was great! - because not long after I found the open bar I was already wobbly enough on my much, much lower heels. I am eternally grateful to Past Tara for making the decision to wear almost flat shoes and save myself a broken ankle or dislocated knee (they're actually not TOO bad to walk in but I haven't had a completely stumble-free run in them yet). 

Modcloth cardigan // Motel skirt // Tights from David Jones // Jeffery Campbell Litas from Revolve Clothing (and just quietly, how good are these?! They're on sale too!)

So yes. I wore this to the Pigeonhole fifth birthday party and it was really fun! It was in our new, HUGE pop up store at 140 William where there was an excellently styled runway show, then we went to our (mostly) staff after party in Bon Marche arcade. It's always so lovely when we can all get together because I work five days a week and hardly get to see anyone!

I only took a few photos because I was in a bit of a rush to get to work, but I really loved this outfit! I would wear it again in a second if my white cardigan wasn't already covered in makeup stains/champagne/food crumbs... I'm just no good with white clothing, really. I'm not the most coordinated person in the world at the best of times. At least I have these photos to remind me how pristine it used to be... The same thing happened with my all-white 21st dress so I guess I should have learned my lesson by now.  


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  1. This outfit is incredible! I love that beautiful cardi & it looks great with that skirt. I share your troubles with white clothes though - they never stay white!


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