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Hello again! I've just gotten over a pretty bad week of bronchitis so I am pretty thrilled to be back to blogging. And I was even more excited to bring you this awesome collaboration with Pretty Dress! You might remember that I've worn one of their beautiful retro-inspired dresses before (to a hot rod show, no less) and this particular dress from this post will be styled up by a bunch of other Perth bloggers as well.

It's a really nice, unfussy dress by itself, but I really wanted to pair it with a skirt. This beautifully printed one felt very Roman Holiday! Or maybe that's just me. I think this dress will be perfect to wear on summer picnics, or out to brunch, or to outdoor cinemas... clearly I have a very specific list of things I want to do when the weather gets warmer! I really love the bow at the neckline. Because it has an empire waist that is probably meant to sit under the bust but for me sits in the middle of my boobs, I think I'll definitely stick to wearing it as a dress so I don't get the little pouf of fabric around my middle. I mean, it looks like a pouf of fabric but is actually... more boob. Geez.

Annie Greenabelle dress (worn as top) c/o Pretty Dress // Pigeonhole skirt & bangles // Kmart loafers // Silk scarf which belonged to my nan

I'm living out of a suitcase at the moment (and when I say suitcase, I mean pile of clothes that have been unceremoniously dumped in a pile) while my house is getting re-wired. For some reason I brought a flamingo-printed skirt, a pie-printed dress and a Halloween themed cardigan, but forgot the essentials like another pair of shoes. And a toothbrush. And pyjamas. I guess you can see where my priorities lie.

Oh and I do have to say a huge thank you to my friend Ana in Pigeonhole Shop 9 for taking my photos! It's always a bit awkward having to ask someone to take a photo of yourself for your blog which is filled with photos of yourself. Oh well.

{This dress was sent to me for a collaboration with Pretty Dress; however all opinions are my own}


  1. Love how you've worn this, pretty ladeh! And sorry to hear you had a nasty week, glad you're feeling better! Xx

    1. Aw thank you! Yours looked beautiful too! xx


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