Party Like A Pigeon

So, as I mentioned a while ago, the wonderful company I work at recently celebrated five years in the biz and we had a very big party which quickly turned into a lot of out of control Pigeons. BUT amongst all the melee, we had this staff portrait drawn up by the absolutely amazing Able & Game (I'm sure you would have seen their adorable cards before, Aidan and I have many lying around!). I sent the picture that's in my 'About Me' on my sidebar and I think I turned out quite recognisable (I have a party hat and pigeon on my shoulder if you still can't pick me out! I wish I'd sent in a picture with purple hair but ah well).

Isn't it great?! I have loved Able & Game for YEARS so getting the chance to be drawn by them is pretty extraordinary. I love it!


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  1. Aw man, this is so cute! I want a portrait done hehe


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