Little Things 04.10.12

I seriously can't believe that September is over already! I feel like I was just celebrating my birthday and now it's literally a month later and I'm left bewildered. BEWILDERED. Anyway, here are some little photos from the past couple of weeks. If you want to see more, pop on over to Instagram and follow @gininateacup.

Fashion Festival Instagrams!

Teeny dachshund ring! My new favourite // Planet Books

Photos at work // Duck & rooster kettles // Bad weather (it was hailing!) // One of my friends from work made me this rad sign!

My hair went blonde for a while (but it's dyed purple again now!) // Beautiful flowers from Aidan! He got them delivered to work as well. He gets all the bonus points. 

♥ Listening to: I just discovered Spotify so I've been listening to EVERYTHING! I love making playlists so I have been obsessing over creating the perfect ones. Also, my dad bought me a compilation album called Boogie! The Best of Australian Rock'n'Roll in the 60s and 70s and it's so good. I listen to it all the time. I would recommend it if you're into the bluesy, rockabilly kind of thing.

And this song is my guilty pleasure. I LOVE IT but it's SO cheesy!

♥ Watching: SNL! I'm so glad it's back. The first two episodes haven't been fantastic but the Seth Macfarlane episode did feature a pretty great Psy parody, so there's that.

♥ Reading: Shamefully I have not picked up a book in ages, it's been such a busy couple of weeks! So instead I'll share some of my favourite blogs at the moment: Little Chief Honeybee, Sometimes Sweet, Yours Truly, Scathingly Brilliant and Fancy Fine.

♥ Wearing: Um... I've been really naughty with online shopping recently. In the past month I've ordered this ASOS dress; and this cardigan and these two dresses from Modcloth. Oh, and two shirts from Threadless. WHOOPS. I think I done gone and caught the fashion fever.

♥ Eating: Aidan and I went on a dinner date to one of my favourite restaurants a while ago, I cannot recommend it enough! So cheap but such good Thai food. Other than that I have just been making super easy food because I am LAZY. Can someone please direct me to some good cooking blogs?

{p.s - I don't think I mentioned this last time I did a 'Little Things' post but I got the idea of adding 'Watching', 'Listening To' etc from Sometimes Sweet's Currently posts. I just thought it would add a little something to these posts so they weren't all Instagram pics! Thanks to Danielle for the inspiration x}

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