Grease Is The Word

I thought it was time to have a little blog post dedicated to one of my favourite movies of all time. I remember I was NEVER allowed to watch Grease when I was little. Maybe because of all the drinkin', smokin' and sexual references... which of course meant that I watched it every chance I got (sorry mum). While I might not have known what a "twenty-five cent insurance policy" was, or why it mattered when it broke, one thing that definitely stayed with me was the film's aesthetic. I really think it might have been the basis of my love of all things retro, kitsch and a little bit daggy. Thanks for the good times, Grease

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  1. I haven't seen Grease in so long & I've been absolutely dying to watch it again lately! This post is only fuelling the flames, lol.

    1. Oh it's so worth it! I hadn't watched it for years and even watching it by myself on a Friday was so good, haha! xo


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