Student Runway: Contemporary Eveningwear, Eco Design & Costume Couture

Okay! Here's the second half of the incredible Student Runway show. These categories were my favourites; they had so much more room for drama and craziness. I was sitting next to Lisa and Donna and we had such good seats for photos! I was glad I brought a different lens too, because the detail photos are some of my favourites. And I just wanted to say a huge congratulations to the winners Amy Webb, Tim Watson, Nicole Frahn, Lauren Sims and Aqeela Isaacs (who also won the inaugural Liz Davenport scholarship) - they all deserve it so much!


Asha Davidson // Isabelle Davidson // Serena Macmanus // Mia Jones // Georgia Allsop // Stephanie Kinsman // // Sofie Lewis // Natalie Rolt


Katie Goodlet // Ruth Mongey // Charissa Schlink


Aqeela Isaacs // Ariane Robertson // Jenni Stewart & Jennifer Sainer // Asha Davidson // Chani van Swet // Madalin Frodsham // Naomi Randall

Okay! Well, I still have to show you my Restyle runway photos, but apart from those that's all my coverage from PFF this year! I wanted to say thanks to all the team there for giving me the opportunity to check out some shows. It was an incredible week! ♥


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