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Argh, I didn't even go to that many events for PFF and my posts are already all over the place. These are some photos from the Restyle on the Runway event, which took place last Thursday. I was actually surprised at how chilled out I was leading up to the event... I took more of a 'head in the sand' approach, which was that if I didn't think about it then I couldn't imagine all of the things that could possibly go wrong (I had been a little bit nervous about having one of these moments). I didn't even pick out my outfits until 11pm the night before the show!

Anyway, I wore the skirt from this post, the dress from this outfit and this outfit, and the dress I wore on my one year anniversary with Aidan. I wore Target heels with the first outfit and op-shopped heels with the second. Oh, and an op-shopped bracelet (you can see it better here) and some new earrings I bought the day before from Pigeonhole and only chucked on at the last minute because they were in my bag and thankfully went with both outfits!

I really loved my hair and makeup for this event - my hair felt kind of mermaid-ish?! The make up was pretty fantastic too; I loved the pink lips! I didn't take my camera with me because I thought I'd be rushing around too much to really use it (and I was right) so I have to say thanks to the bloggers for letting me use their photos! Click on their names for full coverage of the show, there's some really lovely photos there!

AHH my face in that bottom right photo cracks me up. I look so bummed to be there! I promise I'm not! I was probably just thinking 'Don't trip don't trip don't trip'...

And I couldn't leave without showing you the other Restyle ladies strutting their stuff!

My beautiful friend Lisa! ♥ 
 {Nova FM}

L from Peanut Moonbeam Knickers (and her amazing new hair!)

Bonnie (how stunning is she?!) and the very stylish Kim

The lovely girls from Le Fanciulle (Steph on the left, Trish on the right!)

Gorgeous Shell and her AMAZING jumpsuit! I love how she styled it as well!

Beautiful Ally from The Vintage Valley - doesn't she always look like such a 1950s movie star? She's amazing!

Heidy ROCKED it down the runway! She was such a pro, I was blown away! And I loved this fringed kimono on Sharon from Sass and Spice

And the best part of the runway show was the two guide dogs strutting their stuff down the runway! In a PFF first, the show featured two visually impaired models who both looked like total babes in their op-shopped outfits. I couldn't get past the fact that the dogs were accessorised as well! So cute! These guys brought the house down and they were the real stars of the show. I was really proud to be involved. 

Look at the pup on the bottom right with his fancy scarf! JUST LOOK AT HIM. So adorable. 
{photos by Le Fanciulle}

Anyway, I guess this really will be my last Restyle post for a while! Thanks again to Renee, Perth Fashion Festival, Lotterywest, the op-shops involved and to all the people backstage at the show who were so lovely and encouraging! It was such a fun show to be involved with and I still can't quite believe I've walked down a runway! Now excuse me, I must continue my life as a ~model~ 


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  1. What a great runway show! You all looked absolutely amazing, and it's even better that the outfits are op-shopped. :)


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