Little Things 05.09.12

Hello! It's been a while since I've done a Little Things post, what with the craziness of Restyle and everything, so get ready for a biiiig update. I kind of want to work some more things into these posts so they're not just Instagram photos, so this is the first kind of post like that. Just for those little things (well, obvs) that don't fit into any other blog post.

Beautiful Ally on the Restyle postcards! // Jesus bracelet from Diva // My close up of this outfit

Purple hair!

♥ Listening to: I saw Ball Park Music at Groovin' the Moo earlier this year and they were fantastic, but I never really remembered to pick up their album or listen to them again. Now whenever I listen to these songs I have this really happy memory of singing along and dancing around with my friends. It makes my heart feel nice and full. And I won't even talk about how much of a babe the lead singer is since I am a MUSIC REVIEWER and don't get swayed by things like that. Ahem.

♥ Watching: True Blood! I was really into it when it first came out but I kind of lost interest around the third season. Now I'm watching it again with Aidan (who hasn't seen it before) and I just love it so much. It's perfect pulpy television.

♥ Reading: My mum bought me No Sex In The City by Randa Abdel-Fattah for my birthday. I read really ridiculously fast so I finished on the Saturday that I started it. It was definitely still a chick-lit kind of book, but it was a really interesting perspective on the genre. I kind of got annoyed at the lead character quite a few times, but I'd definitely recommend this if you're after some light reading!

♥ Wearing: Well, I celebrated the end of my shopping ban by making a sneaky ASOS purchase. I bought these shoes, that I've wanted since I first saw them MONTHS ago but are now $30 cheaper, and this top that I couldn't resist for under $25.

♥ Eating: Have a look! Gnocchi with bocconcini and cherry tomatoes (that I made myself!), Moscow Mule cocktails at The Moon, cake and panna cotta from Modo Mio.


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  1. OMG YOU HAVE PURPLE HAIR!! My 15 year old self is crying in jealously right now (as is my 27 year old self, just quietly!). It looks amazing on you :-) Oh, and now I want to go to The Moon for cocktails. And nacho's. And a veggie burger. Damn it! xx


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