Drop Dead, Gorgeous

The other day I somehow stumbled across the online shop of Drop Dead, and I fell immediately in love with, well, everything on the site. Lately I've been quite drawn to that 'edgy-cute' kind of style, and this shop fits that whole aesthetic perfectly. I'm particularly enamoured with those cat print leggings... I think that next payday they will be mine. After last month's shopping ban I'm more than ready (and able, thanks to a much juicier savings account) to be able to buy things again!

1. Pugs On Drugs tee, $39.50
2. Cat Stare leggings, $39.50
3. Slurpee tee, $47.40
4. Tropicana earrings, $31.60
5. Have You Seen My Kitty? tee, $47.40

{background image: Purple N Pink Texture by ~asphyxiate~Stock on deviantart}

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