Chantilly Lace

Hello! I haven't managed to take many (any) outfit photos this week so I asked Lisa to take some for me at Student Runway. Please excuse my overly beaming face, it was such a good show and I was still pretty excited! Okay and also I wanted to get home and rummage through my gift bag...

Vintage coat // Rodarte for Target dress via eBay // Black tights // Target boots // Vintage belt // Vintage bag // Pigeonhole bow ring

I bought this dress in the mustard colour ages ago, but I had ordered it a little too big and the colour looked pretty gross on me. So I passed that one along to my sister and re-ordered it. I've had this for a few months but it's just never been the right opportunity to wear it. They were actually pretty cheap - around $30 each? - so if you like the style, definitely hunt around on eBay!

I was a bit bummed out that my outfit on Friday night was pretty casual. I went straight from work to the WA Designer Collections and everyone there looked so stunning! I was a bit worried that this lace jacket would be a bit too over the top but NOT EVEN. This outfit was fairly tame compared to the looks some of the other attendees were sporting! My mum bought me this jacket ages ago and it's the best thing ever. I feel like an extra from Almost Famous when I have it on. I should wear it all the time.

It's been such a surreal week! When I started this blog I had no idea it would lead to me sitting front row in fashion shows (not such a stretch this year as there were really only three very long rows, haha) and walking in a runway show. I'm so grateful for all your support and for the opportunities that are being swung my way!

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