Carrots and Peas

Hello! This morning Aidan and I went for another bike ride and ended up having brunch at a little cafe around the corner. I feel like this has been the longest week - maybe because I had a day off on Tuesday and I've been working since then, or maybe because I had way too much wine when I went out with some fellow work pigeons on Friday night - so it's nice to have one day off where I can relax and not have to worry about problems at work, or what to cook for dinner, or whether I've slept in too long or not. Now Aidan's practicing piano and I'm catching up on some blogs. A very chilled out day indeed, and I quite like having piano music accompanying me while I write!

I bought this dress from the Fancy Fine vintage shop ages ago, but because it's so big and loose I usually wear it when I'm slobbing around the house. It's a lovely dress but it gets wrinkled so easily that it's a bit of a pain to worry about. But now it's finally had its day in public! My favourite part of the dress is easily the little carrot buttons. 

These shoes arrived on Friday morning but I only got to open the package last night! Do you know how hard it is to have an unopened ASOS package lying around the house for two days (first world problems)?! Anyway, I bought them on sale - $43 down from around $75 - and they are PERFECT. They've been in my wish list for months and when I saw they were on sale I snapped them up! I'm so glad I did, because they're ridiculously comfortable and I can even ride my bike in them. The colour is amazing as well, I have so many outfits in mind for these babies. 

Vintage dress // ASOS heels // Chip Chop! for Sportsgirl scarf as headband // Pigeonhole peas in a pod earrings // 'T' scrabble tile ring from markets
{sorry these photos are so bright! Argh!}

I thought these earrings - the first thing I bought when I started working at Pigeonhole! - would be the perfect match for my little carrot buttons... hence the post title, haha! 

Next week is going to pretty manic for me - I have the Restyle runway show (more on that later!), Perth Fashion Festival (eeee!!), an interview for a newspaper, an interview that I still need to write questions for, an engagement party, and of course a full week at work. Eep! So much to do!  And yet it took me ages even to write this post because I got distracted by a 'World's Ugliest Tattoos' Facebook page, then the Modcloth sale section, then checking my Google Reader... I think I should get some kind of award for procrastination. 

{as soon as I said 'manic' I had this song stuck in my head! Damn you Bangles!}

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  1. Sounds like a great day! I think that dress looks super cute, big or not. And those shoes! Eeek, sounds like a busy week ahead - isn't procrastination a curse?


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