23 Before 24

{My beautiful new bike, a birthday present from my wonderful boyfriend!}

It was my 23rd birthday yesterday and I had a lovely day! Well, I was at work for most of the day trying to sort out a meltdown with our POS system, but then I had a really nice dinner with my parents, Aidan, my sister and her boyfriend. And tonight I'm going to the engagement party of two really wonderful people, so I'm pretty excited!

I originally saw the "_ before _" posts on Yes and Yes, A Beautiful Mess and Delightfully Tacky, and I thought it was such a great idea! I really need to have an actual timeline for goals, otherwise I get distracted way too easily. I had thought about giving the "100 Things In 1000 Days" a crack, but... who even knows what the date will be a thousand days away?! My brain can't even handle that.

So, here's my little list of things to do before my 24th birthday next year. Some of these goals are tiny, some are huge, but I will have a lot of fun working through them.

1. Complete one DIY a month
2. Travel overseas
3. Have a rad party at my house
4. Take a burlesque class
5. Ride my bike as often as possible (can't let Minty hang around the house neglected!)
6. Dye my hair a crazy colour (or two)
7. See a movie by myself
8. Make a really good batch of cupcakes
9. Run a 5k
10. Watch Breaking Bad from season one, episode one
11. Get published in print
12. Start a proper savings account... with actual savings in it
13. Graduate
14. Try going vegetarian for a month
15. Watch a roller derby match
16. Join some kind of sports team
17. Get another tattoo (sorry mum)
18. Organize at least one great catch-up with a friend each week
19. Eat yum-cha
20. Watch five "classic" movies I've never seen before
21. Sew a dress
22. Get my driver's license
23. Cook a roast dinner
24. Buy one piece of art

Well, that's it! I'll keep you guys updated as I work through them (though obviously I got a head start on number six!) and I hope you don't mind me sharing them with you. Birthdays are pretty fantastic.



  1. Happy birthday for yesterday!!

    And umm. OH MY GOSH I thought I was the last one to get their license, but it appears not. Shall we bond over this late-license-getting fact, or perhaps our transperth-proficiency? haha

    Love the list :)

    Steph xx

    1. Hahaha! Yes we should definitely have a no-license club. And we can always be late to meetings, thanks to Transperth :D x

  2. im turning 23 next week, you have inspired me to make a similar list.

    love the "buy one piece of art" its on my list of things to do when i become a successful/ evil director of HR: go to a fancy art gallery and quote zoidberg "one art please"

    1. HAHA Zoidberg! I'm glad you're making a similar list, it will motivate me to keep up my own! x

  3. Happy Birthday! That's a lovely bike :) and I've been thinking of coloring my hair to with something out of the Crayola box but I'm just not brave enough hehe.

    another day to wander

    1. Oh you should! The purple is not as "WOAH" in real life as you would expect :) x

  4. I love your list of goals! I'm doing abysmally with mine, & now that I'm pregnant I don't think I'm going to get through most of them. :(

    1. Oh but you have so much else to look forward to once your little bub arrives! I think you have a legitimate excuse to skip some of the items on your list ;) x

  5. Great goals! And happy birthday! Here's to what sounds like it's going to be a great fun year!

  6. Oh man I have MASSIVE bike envy!

    1. It was a pretty great gift! I love it so much! x

  7. Happy birthday! I love your bike, we've been thinking about purchasing bikes and I want a cute one like that.

    1. Oh you should! This one's so easy to ride and I love the vintage look to it. Gah I just want to ride it everywhere! x

  8. Hi there,
    Can't wait to see you riding around on your bike. I was thinking if you want some art there is a website called "Buy some damn art" where the art work is a commissioned limited piece, but best thing is it is affordable*. *reasonably affordable. Not in my budget just yet.
    Good luck with the rest of your goals! They are super neat. x


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