Restyle: Week Three

Eep! I'm a little bit late with my Restyle round-up this week but these ladies have been coming up with such amazing outfits, I hope you can forgive me!

First off, I couldn't go past Ally's amazing look from Sunday. She looks like a '50s movie star!

Lisa found this sweet Blondie shirt on her op-shop travels. SO JELLY.

I just loved L's whole outfit from Monday. She can pull off stuff I can only dream about!

JUST LOOK at Kim's (faux) fur and sequins outfit. LOOK AT IT IT'S SO SHINY

I loved S's pearl-trim mini over at Le Fanciulle this week. Those girls are still rocking those DIYs! How do you do it, ladies?!

Shell looks gorgeous in her op-shopped pants. I have tried to get some pants for this challenge but I just cannot wear pants without looking like a clown! I LOVE how she styled these ones.

Heidy's 'Old Hollywood' themed outfit is stunning! I love the photography on her blog too. What a babe.

Bonnie's overalls are way too cute. Plus I'm planning to steal that Batman tee right off her.

And finally, I loved this yellow coat over at Sass and Spice. That striped dress is adorable!

Well, that's it from me for now. I'm listening to Johnny Cash's Live At Folsom Prison album... the songs are beautiful, but so sad! I mean, Give My Love To Rose? It almost makes me tear up (so it's not a great album to play at work...). I've become a little bit obsessed with Johnny Cash lately. I actually want to read Cash by Johnny Cash - which I only know the name of because of one of Rob's many little speeches in High Fidelity.

Anyway! That was quite a little tangent. I'll be back later today with my Restyle outfit for today... it's a good'un!

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  1. Not to be a comment stalker or anything, but I wanted to say I love Hug Sized's jeans. I've been wanting to try this ... kind of mom jean trend (not to use the dreaded mom jean term)... and I've been too scared. Seeing how rad she looks- I might give it a go now!


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