Restyle: Week 2

So many lovely Restyle outfits this week! I love how creative everyone is with their outfits. There have been so awesome DIYs and just some great finds in general! Have a peek...

Kim scored this Cameo shirt - $90 retail value - for a teeny fifteen bucks!

I LOVED this outfit from Heidy. It goes to show that you can still get great evening looks from op-shops!

Shell found this beautiful red velvet dress and I love how she styled it!

I loved this ladylike look from Sass & Spice - and everything in the outfit is op-shopped except for the bag!

This leather shorts DIY from T is amazing, and this one on how to make a Magdelena Valevska-inspired skirt is even better! These girls are killing it with their DIYs!

Lisa's awesomely radical '80s style outfit was one of the best outfits of the week.

Bonnie's post on how to dress op-shop pieces up for work is great, especially if you have a more corporate job.

Ally's outfits are always gorgeous but I particularly loved this sweet cardigan and skirt combo!

L also posted an awesome velvet piece this week. I love how the two velvet pieces in this week's round-up are styled so differently! Or maybe I just really love velvet. I have a velvet piece to style up this week and this wonderful ladies have given me plenty of ideas!

Well, I still need to post today's outfit so I'd better get cracking!


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  1. I love how you do a recap in all if us! So cute x


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