Restyle: Sports Fever

I'm not really a massive fan of the Olympics, to be honest. I mean, this year I've watched more than I probably ever have before (and so got to see some incredible moments like this!), but generally I am not into sports. At all.

But aside from the crappy Channel 9 coverage and their commentators' stupid questions like "Was it disappointing to get the silver?" (uh, it's a silver. IN THE OLYMPICS. Is it disappointing to be such a terrible television station?), I do love the camaraderie that happens during the Olympics. I may not be that into sports but I will still be as smug about Australia's gold medals as if I'd earned them myself.

So I thought it was appropriate to wear my sports-photo skirt while the Olympics is still going.

Skirt, Vinnies, $16 // Dress (worn as top), Good Sammys, $10 // Navy belt, Good Sammys, $2.50 // Valleygirl boat shoes // Pigeonhole ruler ring and lion earrings

I'm not sure if this belt is genuine Lacoste or not - there's a close-up of the little crocodile in my first Restyle post - but it would be pretty awesome if it was, right? I didn't even notice the crocodile when I was trying it on... in fact I thought it was a mark on the leather. I GUESS WE WILL NEVER KNOW.

So, what are your plans for the weekend? Aidan and I are staying at the Crown Hotel for our one year anniversary. Would it be wrong to admit that I'm most looking forward to the fancy dinner at Modo Mio and the all-you-can-eat brunch buffet the next day? And the whole anniversary aspect... of course. And I'll still be updating my Restyle outfits! Lucky I have a boyfriend who puts up with taking my outfit photos and waiting around while I fool around on my laptop ♥

Also... I made some new playlists for work and I am obsessed with this cover by Angus & Julia Stone. It's been a while since I posted a song!



  1. Oooh i love this skirt & it looks great in this mixed print outfit :)

    Congrats on the anniversary xx

    1. Thanks beauties! I'm still a bit of a novice at mixing prints so that's lovely of you to say :) x

  2. Gosh that skirt is fabulous! Love your new blog design too. I have really enjoyed the Olympics this year but I agree the commentary is awful. Have a wonderful anniversary!!

    1. Oh thank you for your lovely wishes about the blog design & anniversary! xo

  3. Happy anniversary! I've been watching the Olympics on Foxtel which had pretty good commentary. Channel 9 is pretty bad full stop...heard they are bringing back Big Brother...shocking!


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