Restyle: Lumberjack

I thought I would give you a break from my face today and try something different for my outfit photo! This is my outfit for day seventeen of Restyle. I actually thought it was really cute (though erring ever so slightly on the side of too hipster, what with the checked shirt and everything). One of my favourites so far!

Shirt, Good Sammys, $4 // Shoes, Good Sammys, $10 // Dotti skirt // Pigeonhole fox studs // Pigeonhole saddle bag // Black tights (not pictured) 

Sorry for the short post but I'm off to review the Hilltop Hoods tonight! I saw them at Groovin' The Moo earlier this year and they were pretty great. I'm only a newbie to hip-hop in general but I'm pretty excited to see them!



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    1. Thank you! It feels very stereotypical indie... maybe not the best thing to wear to a hip-hop concert... haha x


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