Restyle: Lumberjack Take Two

I know I only just featured this shirt, but it's so ridiculously comfortable that I couldn't resist wearing it again (even though the humidity today was crazy). I spent most of today re-merchandising things at work and then helping with Pigeonhole's window displays for the Windows in the City competition! All of the windows look so, so good. I might have to do a cheeky post before the competition starts ;D exciting stuff!

And then I came home, changed into this, did some MORE cleaning (WHAT) and made some gourmet hot dogs for dinner. Which I ate while watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. Ah Larry David, ya cray.

Shirt, Good Sammys, $4 // Skirt, Good Sammys, $8 // Loafers, Good Sammys, $10 // Black tights // Pigeonhole moose ring

Anyway, I am exhausted (I think I was half asleep in these photos, haha), so I'll keep it short and see you tomorrow for some more Restylin' goodness! 


  1. I love the detail on your skirt x

    1. Thank you! It's still a little big, it doesn't sit as high on the waist as I'd like, but it's so lovely and SUCH a good price! x

  2. Very cute! I actually really like the lumberjack shirt, and it goes beautifully with that skirt.

    1. Oh I love the shirt! I kind of feel like I should be in a wood cabin with a hearty glass of scotch or something?! It feels very 'cabin chic' if that makes sense... x


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