Restyle: Le Casual

{Hello lovely readers! I was struck down with an awful case of food poisoning this weekend and wasn't really in a position to take outfit photos and write up posts, so there's going to be a few Restyle posts over the next couple of days. Hope you don't mind!}

Hello again! This is one of my easiest Restyle outfits. Something about the striped shirt and pleated black skirt just felt so effortless, but also put-together. Not just my average slobbing around outfit! This is actually what I wore when I went to get my hair coloured, but I loved the outfit so much I wore it two days afterwards as well.

Skirt, Good Sammys, $10 // Heels, Good Sammys, $3 // Seed Femme shirt // Pigeonhole leaf earrings

I'm still getting used to seeing my purple hair in photos! It's weird because it feels a lot more 'natural' to me than the red hair I tried for a while. The night I got my hair dyed red I cried for about two hours, considered running out to buy brown hair dye, and sobbed on the phone to my boyfriend at the time... there was nothing WRONG with it, it was just such a huge change! At least it set me up for the time this year I got a disastrous cut and colour. I've had compliments from the most unexpected of people with this colour - little old ladies and very young children especially!



  1. I love your hair! It is amazing, so so cool!

    1. Thank you! I'm in love with it, it turned out exactly like I imagined! And how often does that happen with hair (especially PURPLE hair?!). x

  2. I think your hair looks incredible! And this is such a simple, stylish outfit - it really does just "fit" together!

    1. Thank you! I felt like it belonged in one of those 'wardrobe essential' type of articles. I felt so STYLIN' (but in a grown-up way!). xx


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