Restyle: Going For Gold

Hello again! My outfit today isn't as op-shopped as I'd like it to be... but the dress IS vintage. So maybe it was op-shopped before it reached my hands. I've worn it so many times since I bought it last year, but I think this is the first time it's been featured in an outfit post! Madness!

Following my pattern of not buying clothes that are my actual size, this gold cardigan is actually an XXL. It's an open cardigan, so it's not TOO much of an issue, but I couldn't go past the gorgeous gold embroidery on the shoulders. It's so lovely! A lot of workmanship for a $4 bargain!

Cardigan, $4, Good Sammys // Belt, Good Sammys, $2.50 // Bracelet, Good Sammys, $6 // Vintage dress // Sportsgirl loafers // Pigeonhole rabbit ring

I'm sorry that this post is going up so late (although, they all go up pretty late when I have work all day!) but maybe I can appease you with an adorable puppy? This is Jerry, who was the star of another outfit post last year. He's gotten so big since then! Although... in one of the photos below I am looking a bit nervous because he's at that age when his dog peen comes out and it looks REALLY GROSS. SORRY BUT IT'S TRUE AND IT FREAKS ME OUT AND IT'S GROSS. Sorry if you're super into dogs and don't see what the big deal is (just into dogs in a normal way, that is. Why am I even still typing. What has this blog become).

I am really lucky to have a Good Sammys literally two minutes away from my house AND from my work (two separate ones, obviously) and the people there are always SO wonderfully nice. Especially at the one near my work, which is right in the city. They're always so lovely and helpful and just seem so excited for you when you find something! I don't think I would get the same customer service in many retail stores (except my store and all other stores related to my store, obviously ;D ).



  1. Nice outfit! I went to the Good Sammy's near Shafto's lane ALL THE TIME. They are so friendly there and I kept going back because they were so nice.

  2. Something I love about shopping secondhand is that it makes you think outside just buying items in your usual size. This cardigan rocks!


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