Restyle: Flower Child

I found this beautifully printed blouse on a rainy day in Salvos... even though it was a size 18 I figured I could make it work as a jacket. And I love it! Even better, when I took it to the counter it turned out that it was half price for some reason. That's one of my favourite things about op-shopping - if something's a bit of a gamble, at least it only costs a couple of bucks to try it out. And then at least your money is going somewhere useful, rather than spending $20 on a chain store piece.

Anyway, I paired it with one of my favourite vintage dresses (that I also wore to Groovin' the Moo and on my birthday last year!).

Blouse, Salvation Army, $3 // Loafers, Good Sammys, $10 // Vintage dress // Black tights // Pigeonhole panther ring // Glasses c/o Firmoo

I was sent these glasses by the lovely people at Firmoo. I will go into a proper review in a later post, but I only picked them up from the post office today and I couldn't wait to try them out!

Well, since I'm cutting it down to the wire with getting this post published I'll keep it short, but I'll be back with more posts tomorrow. Hope you are still enjoying all the Restyle goodness! 


  1. I think this is one of my favorite restyle outfits. I'm really loving following along and seeing what you come up with!

    1. Oh thank you so much! It's nice to know people are actually reading and not just sick of seeing outfit photos, haha. But really it is lovely to have you reading! xx

  2. I love this outfit! That blouse looks great as a jacket. I love that second hand shopping makes us think outside of the box like that.

    1. Yes! I would never buy a normal blouse three sizes too big and think "Oh, I can wear this as a jacket" but with op-shopping it's just automatic to think that way! I wonder why that is? x


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