Restyle: Extra Sweet

Hello again! I can't believe we're almost halfway through Restyle (and that I haven't run out of ideas or clothes yet!). I bought this skirt last week actually and it saved my ass (literally) this morning when I couldn't think of anything to wear. The only problem is it's SO static! I have spent all day untangling it from my legs. Plus it's two sizes too big so I've been hoiking it up too. Why do I do this to myself?

Skirt, Good Sammys, $3 // ASOS blouse // Sportsgirl loafers // Pigeonhole carnation necklace

I have really been liking mixed prints at the moment. I did it a few days ago with my yellow skirt and navy striped top, and this just seems like a really sweet combination of prints. I've been waiting to wear this shirt for the past couple of weeks, I love it! I bought it on sale for under $30. I actually really love the way this outfit looks in photos... sadly the skirt will need a lot of work before I wear it out again! Static skirts, you have been added to THE LIST.

Today was just one of those days where nothing particularly BAD happened, but it just felt so long and exhausting. One of those days when you cry at an episode of Neighbours (which you actually don't watch that often anymore, thank you 6pm closing time) because Kyle and Jade just CAN'T WORK IT OUT. Do you know the kind of day I mean? At least I had a rockin' top on. And How To Train Your Dragon is on TV (which means there are inevitably more tears to come. Seriously, I'm not all that into kid's films most of the time, but this one just pulls at my cold black heartstrings. SO CUTE. SO MANY SOBS).


  1. You need to invest in some anti static spray from the chemist/supermarket! I wouldn't leave the house without it :)

  2. I like the mixed prints trend too, I think most times they could be very chic. I love your cupcake button up, so cute! :)

    another day to wander

  3. That top is incredible! Oh and I totally know what you mean about the bad days when nothing that bad actually happens... I had one of those today and yes, I cried over the Home and Away car crash this evening. New low haha.

    Shell xx

  4. Cuuute shirt! I love the print.

    xx S

  5. The print on this shirt is so adorbs! I love this outfit, the prints work so well together.


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