Restyle: The End

And after thirty outfit posts, here is my last outfit for Restyle! I'm not going to lie, I'm really sad that this challenge is over. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments, tweets and emails about Restyle - I hope it's inspired you to do a little op-shopping of your own! And of course a huge thanks to Renee, Perth Fashion Festival, Lotterywest, my fellow Restyle bloggers, and all of the wonderful people at Good Sammys, the Salvos, Drug Arm WA, Save the Children, and Vinnies!

Well, before this turns into a Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars speech, I'll just shut up and tell you about the outfit. The dress is one that I gave you a sneaky peek of in this outfit post, and the jacket... oh the jacket. I was saving it for a special post, and what's more special than the last day of Restyle (and my last day of being 22)?

It's an amazing Liz Davenport jacket that was a little on the expensive side, but LOOK AT IT. It's like a unicorn and a mermaid got together and had a baby and the baby manifested as this jacket. It's a swirly pastel jacquard piece of awesome.

Liz Davenport jacket, $30, Good Sammys // Dress, $30, Red Cross // Shoes, $4, Good Sammys (previously opshopped) // Bag, $8, Save the Children // Bracelet, $5, Good Sammys

Unlike the bag I posted about yesterday, this bag is actual glomesh! I was so surprised when it was only eight bucks. I've seen the price go as high as $50 (at Good Sammys, for this beautiful rose-gold version) to $100 (at the antique shop I posted about, for an original purse still in the box). The strap has broken on this since I bought it, but I don't mind it as a clutch! Albeit a very large clutch that's still too thin to fit anything in.

Well, I am off to make some tacos and try not to peek into the room where Aidan's hiding my present. So tempting...



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  1. I've been following the whole month, loved it! the description of the mermaid and unicorn hits the nail on the head, beautiful!


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