Restyle: Black Velvet

{First of all, I'm so sorry for the delay with these two posts! As soon as I got over my food poisoning, Aidan got sick. And not even food poisoning sick... actual, virus, throwing-up-all-over-the-hallway sick. So I have been trying to be a nice and patient girlfriend (the nice part is pretty easy, the patient part is not) and haven't gotten a chance to post. But I've got photos from Monday, Tuesday AND today coming atcha over the next couple of days.} 

I found this velvet maxi dress at Good Sammys early this year, and I knew that Restyle was the perfect opportunity for its debut! The outfit feels very grunge-glam to me (I know some magazines were calling it "glunge"but to me that sounds like a venereal disease). I was only a tiny child when grunge was actually a 'thing', so I can't claim that I am at all an expert in it! In the '90s I was much more of a Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC and 5ive lover. Grunge kids would probably have beaten me up.

Dress, Good Sammys, $3 // Boots, Good Sammys, $1 // eBay faux leather jacket // Sportsgirl amethyst ring

Well, it was pretty fun playing Courtney Love for the day, but I'm not sure how well this outfit fits into my personal style. I was going to chop the bottom of the dress off when I first got it, but a friend convinced me to keep it long (for all the occasions when you need a velvet maxi dress, obviously).

Anyway, stay tuned for my second outfit post coming up soon!



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    1. Thank you! $60 from eBay, I'll find the seller for you! x

  2. THAT. DRESS. IS. AMAZING. I love this outfit! And you're right "glunge" does sound like a venereal disease of some kind. I'm happy to revisit grunge in my outfits now, because I certainly wasn't a grunge child in the 90's - I was much more the boy band type as well!

    1. Haha I'm glad I'm not the only boy band worshipper! A lot of people I know are all "Yeah, I grew up with Nirvana, Pearl Jam etc" and I'm thinking, but you were only six when they were popular?! I don't know, maybe they had excellent taste from a very young age...

      But thank you for your kind words about my outfit! xx


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