Restyle: Batman Batman Batman!

Hey guys! I had an unexpected day off today so Aidan and I are going to have a nice lunch date and then go and see BATMAN (or The Dark Knight Rises, whatever). I'm so excited! I LOVE the Christopher Nolan Batman movies. I have only heard good things about the Dark Knight Rises, too... eep! I am already wriggling around with anticipation!

I bought this dress early this week. I wasn't sure if I would ever wear it... but it's kind of growing on me. A little Alexa-Chung-circa-two-years-ago. I still love these shoes too, by the way (you can also see them in Tuesday's post!). Totally fug but oh so comfy.

Dress, Good Sammys, $10 // Loafers, Good Sammys, $10 // Belt, Good Sammys, $2.50 // Black tights  // Bowler hat... I actually have no idea! // Bag, Pigeonhole // Cat cameo earrings, Limited Edition via ASOS

I feel like this week has just been filled with good things. Yesterday I smashed the budget at work (yeah!!) and picked out some of my birthday present, then booked tickets to Elton John, then had a ridiculously delicious dinner at Takas with my mum, sister and her boyfriend (try the teriyaki beef, thank me later). And today I have BATMAN and then drinks for a friend's birthday! Oh what a wonderful start to August it's been.

I hope your week is also going excellently!


p.s I realised today that it's been over a year since I got my tattoo! I still absolutely love it every day and I haven't regretted it once. I really want to get another one for my birthday this year but I haven't found anything I really love yet...


  1. I looooove this outfit so much! That dress is really cute, and it goes beautifully with that belt & the loafers. And, a cool hat is always a good decision!

    1. Thank you! It's weird because this outfit doesn't really feel very "me" but I felt so spunky all day! Maybe it was the hat, haha! x

  2. I think this outfit is adorable - I love striped dresses and that hat is just too cute on you!

    1. Thank you! This is actually one of the only striped pieces I own but I think I'm going to have to rectify that once my shopping ban is over! x

  3. This one is so lovely! and I love the fat that everything is just about op shopped! Perfect!


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